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                An International Temperament School

                Hangzhou New Century Foreign Language School has stood straight for 20 years since it was founded in 1993. The school curriculums have developed from 1.0 version of the “dot” curriculum to the 2.0 version of the “linear” curriculum, then to the current 3.0 version of the “nest-like” curriculum which regards multi-dimensional linkage curriculum as a symbol and integrates the curriculum, teaching, assessment, management, and the integration of students and the teachers. 

                In early 2016, New Century Foreign Language School cooperated with Diplomatic Academy that is known as the cradle of Chinese diplomats, which becomes the only international understanding course demonstration base in China, and implements the  program of training little diplomats, which provides a more high platform for bilingual bicultural learning and exchange.

                What can such a small child learn from international understanding course? Principal Teng said, “we hope that in the future the children can be very confident and very proud to stand before the world, with using the language which other people can understand, to tell their own stories and the stories of the Chinese people, regardless of the color of the passport and the country in which to settle. Internationalization is not  just speaking a foreign language. We talk of an international event, with the international vision to see the problem. These are international elements. English teacher’s job is not to teach the subject, but with the identity of foreigners and native speaker to accompany these children grow up. A child born in Europe will be able to say 3 or 4 foreign languages, so we create a natural bilingual upbringing for children. I will not test his vocabulary and grammar at such young age. I will focus on what these children have the same sense of intimacy and security on English and Chinese. They will not be afraid to speak English, or speak with foreigners without intension and shyness, because they were trained to have experienced. The true internationalization makes children feel comfortable.”

                It is adhering to the concept that at present the school actively promotes an international understanding school-based curriculum - “small diplomats” course: mainly consists of three components that are “morality and good” Sinology course, RICH language courses and “Yi Dai Yi Lu" small cultural messenger curriculum. “Morality and good” Sinology course aims to help children to understand and appreciate excellent traditional Chinese culture and enhance cultural self-confidence and the identity and belonging of motherland. It is the most important value education conception in the new century. RICH language courses aims at training skillful English communication skills and preliminary second language association skills. For cultural communication, language goes first. “Yi Dai Yi Lu" small cultural messenger curriculum is designed to develop adolescents’ consciousness on focusing on world development status and international political dynamics and respecting and tolerating cultural diversity, which is what we called global vision.

                Principal Teng said, she hoped that New Century Foreign Language School can provide children an environment in which students can accept international education without departing from the local Chinese culture. Today, the concept has already concentrated the educational goal of our school: training "Chinese Heart ·Worldwide Eye" graceful teenager.

                The goal of the school is to cultivate students with “Chinese Heart · Worldwide Eye”. Refocusing to a new level, we regard it as a little diplomat program. We hope that our children can take a foreign language as a tool then move forward into communication fields. Through English learning, public expression, cultural communication, bilingual reading and business literacy, they can express and communicate "China Dream" freely with a "barrier-free" world language.

                Little diplomat program centers on the abilities of thinking, communication, speech and writing, and the accomplishments of psychology, humanity,  sinology and business. We’ll spread them out one by one and gradually improve them at the same time.

                Around the accomplishment of business, the school is developing a cross-border program, which combines the mathematics with economics and so on. “Of course, in order to become a bridge between diplomats, at first children fully absorb the classic of their own nation, then put the traditional cultural resources into today’s cultural context to reinterpret and dig.” Binding diplomats protocol etiquette courses, the school sets up six classical culture courses, including ikebana, incense lore, making tea and hand beads. Among Poetry and painting, the first of the four arts - Guqin and the United Nations non-heritage project are taken as compulsory school curriculum. In the course of music, art, sports and so on, foreign teachers will participate, which can bring the foreign cultural understanding in these areas to the students, such as acts, there will be Western painting and Western art history, as for music, there will be classical musical and dramatic performance courses, as for sports, there will be football course.

                A true national culture implies something in a book, but many children have not seen an original English book, they just do English test. Therefore, the school sets up a bilingual reading marathon course, containing Chinese and English. There are two sets of ssrw textbooks for 1-2 grade and Hong Kong Longman textbooks, what’s more, listening and speaking test and written test are simultaneously with Hong Kong, adding school-based teaching materials “Reading for fun” and e-readers. At the end of second grade, students in New Century Foreign Language School, are required to achieve the amount of 18 original English picture books; at the end of fourth grade, at least 200 picture books; starting from the fifth grade, picture books are just as supplement, students really start to read text version story. All hardware facilities in the new campus will be built around the small diplomat curriculum, in order to be the first original reading room and audio-visual room in the province.

                As strong as a lion; As quick as a monkey; As hard-working as a camel; As elegant as a dolphin.

                Every student can trips off the tongue, even the first grade. It’s not only easy for the kids to understand, it is also our concept of education. According to these four animals, NC has released eighty pieces  of students’ standard since 2014 and eighty pieces of teachers’ spirits. And forty pieces of parents’ standard. Miss Teng mentioned that, education is in family, teaching is at school. We won’t cultivate the most temperament kids unless we work close together.

                Let’s listen to each other! For you, I’d like to be a better me! Every parent in our school know these two sentences well. On the one hand, we’d like our parents to understand our kid better. On the other hand, they help to guide our parents to standardize details of daily lives. Also, it’s the conception of our family-school curriculums. Under this kind of notion. We are doing our best to cultivate such a confident, magnanimous and elegant kid.

                Hubin Campus:No.33 Zumiao Lane,Shangcheng Dictrict,Hangzhou,Zhejang Province,China/310006/86-0571-87032931

                Hupan Campus: No. 128 Qingyin Street, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China/310002/86-0571-86593755

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