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                School Introduction

                     Founded in 1993, Hangzhou New Century Foreign Language School is the first nine-year private school in Zhejiang Province. The school has received many honors from the provincial government, including “Outstanding Private School”. The school has comfortable facilities, excellent teachers, harmonious campus culture and remarkable schooling results. Now there are three campuses, namely, Hubin Campus, Zijin Campus and Huimin Campus, all located in the downtown area of Hangzhou City. The school has 28 classes, including 22 primary school classes with 776 students, and 6 middle school classes with 202 students. The total enrollment is 978 with more than 100 teaching staffs. In recent years, adhering to the schooling philosophy of “All-rounded Education, Global Vision, Round-the-clock Nurture, Whole-hearted Care ”, the school builds up the Little Diplomat Curriculum and a family affection moral education brand, in order to strengthen multi-dimension international communication and explore diversified development of further education.

                      Since 1993, having spent 20 years attentively on education, with the spiral promotion of “Govern Curriculum” and “Govern Teaching”, our curriculum has developed from the point shape of 2.0 edition to the line shape of 3.0 edition, and now the nest shape of 3.0 edition. With increasing evident schooling characteristics, our curriculum has won many honors. In August 2014, one of our English curriculum studies, ELITE: A Practical Research of Curriculum Community of English Characteristics in English Schools, was awarded the second prize of the first National Award on Fundamental Education Outcome. In 2015, we have established cooperative partnership with China Foreign Affairs University, the cradle of diplomats, to be the first Demonstration Base of International Understanding Course in the country, and provide a higher stage for globalized learning and communicating with our Little Diplomat education plan. In 2016, we have been awarded the Sunshine School and Cooperation Base of Embassy of the Foreign Embassy of the People's Republic of China. This is another milestone of education internationalization promotion.

                    With an increasing focus on schooling characteristics and core competence, our Little Diplomat Curriculum 3.0 Edition merges courses, teaching, evaluation, management and students and teachers development together to form a nest shape curriculum system to cultivate temperament youth with a Chinese heart and world eyes. We expect our kids can freely convey our Chinese dream with world languages without barriers, through English learning, public speaking, culture communication and bilingual reading. We also expect our kids can broad a wide global vision, an understanding of international contact rules, and international communication and cooperation abilities, and finally grow to be confident and elegant temperament youth with a high world aim and Chinese heart.

                    The Little Diplomat Curriculum has RICH Languages Course, Moral Education Sinology Course, International Understanding Course, Social Studies Course, and Bilingual Characteristics Course. It covers many fields including language reading, math and information, art and science, social practice and skill exploration, providing full freedom for students to choose, learn, participate, think and develop, in order to form a diversified personality and grow to be temperament youth with a Chinese heart and world eyes, processing an ability of living happily.

                    With the development of the Little Diplomat Curriculum, to improve foreign language use and cross-culture communicative abilities, we have 10 foreign languages teachers, including Japanese, French and German, 2 science foreign teachers, 3 art foreign teachers and 2 P.E. foreign teachers. They have played a positive role in foreign language teaching, professional courses and campus culture construction.

                    From 2015, the school will further explore a bilingual teaching mode of multi-subjects, overall coverage and immersion. The school also will promote second foreign language teaching in order to increase students’ global communicative competence and whole-man literacy through planting eastern culture and western insight.

                Hubin Campus:No.33 Zumiao Lane,Shangcheng Dictrict,Hangzhou,Zhejang Province,China/310006/86-0571-87032931

                Hupan Campus: No. 128 Qingyin Street, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China/310002/86-0571-86593755

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